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NSW: Homicide detectives return keys to family business

AAP General News (Australia)
NSW: Homicide detectives return keys to family business

Relatives are hoping to open the Sydney newsagency of the murdered LIN family today
.. after homicide detectives returned the keys to the business yesterday.

Family lawyer DANIEL SHEEN says relatives want to open the Epping newsagency .. to
raise money for surviving daughter .. 15-year-old Brenda who was away on a school trip
on the night her entire family were killed.

However he says they're still waiting for police to return a computer before the newsagency
can resume trading.

45 year-old MIN LIN .. his 43 year-old wife YUN LI LIN .. the couple's sons HENRY and
TERRY aged 12 and nine .. along with Ms LIN's 39-year-old sister IRENE YIN .. were found
bludgeoned to death in their beds .. on July 18.

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