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Qld: Coalition announces apprentice scheme

AAP General News (Australia)
Qld: Coalition announces apprentice scheme

By Roberta Mancuso

YEPPOON, Qld, Aug 21 AAP - The Queensland coalition says it will boost apprentice numbers
in the state by offering small businesses work cover rebate incentives if it wins next
month's election.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg, campaigning in the central Queensland town of
Yeppoon today, said he would allocate $16.3 million to reimburse small businesses for
the full work cover premiums of each apprentice they take on.

That could increase the number of apprentices in Queensland from 78,800 to more than
83,000 over the three years of the program's life, he said.

"This will encourage small businesses to take on more apprentices which will address
our skills shortage," Mr Springborg told reporters.

"And not only that it will give more young Queenslanders a hope for a job into the future."

Mr Springborg said businesses would receive at least $100 a year under the incentives
scheme but most would receive "thousands".

Such incentives would be delivered on a case by case basis for big businesses.

Meanwhile, Mr Springborg used a vacant piece of land earmarked as the site for a new
hospital in Yeppoon to highlight Premier Peter Beattie's "broken promises".

A large sign which read "where is our hospital Beattie" today stood at the site.

Mr Springborg, who denied planting the sign, said Mr Beattie had promised a hospital
for Yeppoon three years ago and the vacant lot was proof of his hollow promises.

"In the next three years, if Mr Beattie were to be believed we would still be looking
at this vacant site."

The Queensland election is on September 9.

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