суббота, 3 марта 2012 г.

BofA's Winter Biathalon is to Rebuild Its Brand by 'Embracing Ingenuity'.

Dan Roselli has fought to keep his ad budget big, and is spending a large chunk of it on the Winter Olympics, an event with regional venues and a huge international profile.

Bank of America is a colossus in transition, in the middle of a tricky move from internal ordering after years of mergers and tumult to a renewed focus on the outside world. Hugh McColl, personality and architect of the firm, has retired; Ken Lewis is well and truly in. BofA geared up its image-making efforts last year, committing itself to a muscular ad budget in a recessionary economy and giving caretaker chief marketing officer Barbara Desoer a post as consumer products president. There are quarterly meetings involving top management, Lewis included, as the firm devises strategy for how it is seen from the outside.

Dan Roselli, a long-time consumer advertiser with work for Colgate, General Mills and M&M's under his belt, is now the point man for …

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