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Six historic royal bridal gowns go on display on internet

No matter what dress she chooses, Kate Middleton's wedding gownwill be great providing it "reflects our times", a historian saidtoday.

Dr Joanna Marschner, senior curator at Historic Royal Palaces,spoke as they prepared to show six royal wedding dresses from the19th and 20th centuries to the world.

The gowns are usually kept in the conservation stores atKensington Palace and are rarely viewed by the public.

But Dr Marschner, who co-authored the book The Royal WeddingDresses, said the huge interest in the forthcoming wedding had giventhem the opportunity to share the historic collection.

The gowns cannot be put on public display but are being beamedworldwide via the internet and social media so people across theglobe can experience them.

The collection includes the cloth-of-silver dress worn byPrincess Charlotte when she married Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg in1816; the dress Alexandra of Denmark wore when she married AlbertEdward, Prince of Wales in 1863; and Princess (Victoria) Mary ofTeck's white satin dress, worn when she married Prince George, Dukeof York -- later King George V -- in 1893.

And as speculation mounts over which dress Kate will choose forthe big day, Dr Marschner said the collection proved wedding dressesnever disappoint if they are true to the time they are worn in.

"Catherine's dress should reflect our times," she said.

"Each of these ladies have taken the gifts that were available intheir times, whether that was extraordinary craft skills likeweaving or lacemaking, they made something beautiful of it."

CAPTION: Clockwise from main picture: Wedding dresses worn byPrincess Margaret, Queen Alexandra of Denmark, Queen Mary and QueenElizabeth II will be shown to the world via the internet asBritain's Royals prepare for next week's big day

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