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FED: Advertisers warned on targeting child Internet users

AAP General News (Australia)
FED: Advertisers warned on targeting child Internet users

SYDNEY, Aug 25 AAP - Advertisers gathering personal information from children logging on to
the Internet must obtain parental consent before using the data to push products, under new
guidelines released today.

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has included the Internet for the
first time in a voluntary members code on dealing with consumers aged 14 and under.

AANA general manager Sara Morton-Stone said advertisers must obtain parental permission
before their children give any information about themselves or their family on-line.

"Advertising directed towards children's audiences is inevitably a controversial topic and
we believe this initiative represents a step forward," Ms Morton-Stone said.

"The most important thing is that parents have the prime responsibility to provide guidance
to their children."

However, far from abdicating responsibility, the advertising industry was looking to move
quickly to establish a code and set of principles in a new and emerging form of advertising,
said Ms Morton-Stone.

"I believe this is the first time the Australian advertising industry has published any
guidelines specific to the Internet," she said.

Advertisers must also obtain permission from the child or parents before releasing
information to a third party, warn children using web sites that they must have parental
permission to buy anything and install mechanisms to easily cancel any on-line order.

Advertisers who obtain a child's e-mail address must also inform their parents and give
them the opportunity to remove it from their database.

While the code is entirely voluntary, Ms Morton-Stone said there would likely be "100 per
cent" compliance.

The AANA's Principles and Advisory Notes for Advertising to Children will cover a estimated
85 per cent of mainstream media advertising.

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