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QLD: Police concerned over people not wearing seatbelts

AAP General News (Australia)
QLD: Police concerned over people not wearing seatbelts

A frightening number of motorists have been detected not wearing seatbelts in Queensland's
south-east over the Easter break.

South-east region traffic co-ordinator Inspector DAVE MARSHALL says police are happy with
the fatality-free Easter, but concerned that 73 people were found not wearing a seatbelt.

He says the figure's frightening when you consider that wearing a seatbelt can be the
difference between life and death in an accident.

During the Easter holiday period, South-east region police pulled over 12,937 motorists for
random breath tests, with 103 charged for drink driving.

INSPECTOR MARSHALL says 1,100 people were booked for speeding, with the highest speed being
139km in an 80km zone.

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