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Outlandish!(art ACROSS the CURRICULUM)(Lureca Outland's quilt)

"We had to vote to get the things we want. Now these kids can vote and they don't." *

--Lureca Outland as quoted in article "A Patchwork Life that Spans a Century" by Andriena Baldwin in The Demopolis Times, March 13, 2006.

Back when men's trousers were called "britches," Lureca Outland (b. 1904) made the quilt to your left. It is called "Britchy" as a reference to the material from which it was made--a selection of men's britches. The "Roman Stripes" part of the title refers to sewing together several narrow strips to make striped blocks that alternate directions.

Imagine, in this case, hand cutting the legs from different pants in inch-wide increments all the way from the ankle to the hip, thus making lots of skinny, leg-long strips. Gather as many different colors of these long strips as possible, and stitch them together lengthwise. Cut up more pants and repeat. When you have five or six very long lengths with four strips each, cut them into manageable squares. Turn the squares so the stripes alternate vertically and horizontally. Sew the squares together, keeping in mind the aesthetic placement of colors and patterns: blue next to gray, black next to maroon, solid next to plaid, and so on.

While all the colors in the world were available …

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